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Bakersfield Quality Distribution Center
is currently the Receiving, Warehousing and Distribution hub for all types of industries in Kern County and California's San Joaquin Valley. California's economy is the largest of all fifty states in the nation and the fifth largest economy in the world.


Bakersfield QDC facility and services brings growth to the economy.

Crops grown in Kern's rich farm land - Crop Production Chart.Crop irrigation.   Agriculture
In California's Central Valley the agricultural farms produce one fourth of the nation's food. At Bakersfield Quality Distribution Center we handle many types of materials and fertilizers for many large farm operations in the San Joaquin Valley.  We distribute fertilizers for crops from 
Gavilon LLC,  The Mosaic Company  and  J. R. Simplot Company.  All utilize this facility to distribute their products to area farms.  Our facility is strategically located, with seven major agricultural dealers located  within a six mile radius of Bakersfield QDC. 1 million gallon storage tank for Terra Nitrogen.

Bakersfield QDC serves clients with warehousing and distribution of goods for the construction and building industries. Salt River Materials Group distributes Flyash products throughout the Central California region.

Wood products come in by rail.
  Energy New Silos for Phoenix Cement Company in 2001.
Tanker truck weighing in.


We provide warehousing of dry and liquid commodities brought into Bakersfield QDC Premier Transload (BSNF Railway) by hopper car, box cars and tank cars. Nestle Purina Petcare and Oil-Dri Corporation of America transload their commodities to manufacture consumer products that we use everyday.

Oil & EnergyOil drilling rig.

Kern County is known world wide for it's vast oil field deposits and related oil and natural gas development industries.
Oil pumping unit.The Bakersfield Kern area is the eighth largest oil producing region in the world. After 100 years of oil production, this region continues to produce 3 times more oil and gas than the entire state of Oklahoma.  Oil production companies in California have produced over 13 Billion barrels of oil and over 12 Trillion (tcf) of natural gas to date. The Bakersfield QDC Transload Facility is strategically located near Kern County's oil fields, the eighth largest oil producing region in the world. BASF The Chemical Company utilizes the transload services of Bakersfield QDC to provide frac sand to the oil production companies in this region.

Many new power plants have been constructed in Kern County to provide California with much needed electric power. The Sunrise Power Project, $180 million, 320-megawatt, single-cycle "peaker" power plant east of Taft, CA and Power generating plant.The La Paloma Generating Project a $730 million, 1,048 - megawatt natural gas-fired, combined cycle power generating facility 40 miles west of Bakersfield, approximately two miles east of the un-incorporated community of McKittrick in Kern County. The  completion date for this project was November 2001.  Both used Bakersfield QDC to bring in and warehouse generators and turbines until they where needed at the construction sites. 

Bakersfield QDC Online is providing a link to the growing needs of the community.

        Dee A. Allen,  President, Bakersfield QDC, Inc.



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