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I hope you enjoy our web site. Bakersfield QDC online will provide you a link and news about the growing needs of our clients, email  contact and online solutions to our fast paced transload industry. We will keep you up-to-date with useful content to help you make decisions that will make it easier to move your products across the state or throughout the nation. Please email me with any comments or suggestions to help us at Bakersfield Quality Distribution Center, Inc. to continue building resources for our future. 

-- Dee A. Allen, President

http://www.bakersfieldqdc.com To view, BNSF Partnership with BAKQDC

The Premier Transload Partnership

Bakersfield QDC is an operating partner with BNSF Railway to provide efficient and cost-effective distribution and consolidation services to our customers. We have the capability to handle a wide variety of products, for customers in need of transload services.    

Products: Truck weighing in.

  • Industrial Products
  • Agricultural Products
  • Consumer Products
special projectCombining rail economics with the Bakersfield QDC expertise 
to provide you a total distribution package.

Door-to-door Distribution

Bakersfield QDC is a rail door-to-door distribution package combining the quality of BNSF service with the expertise of independent premier transloaders. By storing goods and products near their customer's market, a convenient and adequate supply is available for Just-In-Time delivery service, all without the premium expense of long-distance truck rates and rush order charges. Bakersfield QDC accommodates your customer's needs with maximum flexibility in shipping and storage.

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Door to door distribution Fact Sheet.

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